Online Random Password Generator Plus / Password randomizer

From banking and declaring our taxes to booking our next holidays or catching up with old friends, a lot of our lives happens online these days. Although very practical, it does mean that a significant amount of our sensitive, private information is out there in the open for any ill-intentioned soul to grab. And trust me, passwords such as “ilovemydog1234” or “justinforever” aren’t doing much to shield us from hackers.

With the 4BIS password generator tool, you can protect all your online accounts with guaranteed strong and secure passwords.

A few tips for an optimal protection:

  • Passwords with 16 characters or more are always safest.
  • Never save your passwords in your web browsers, never store them in the cloud.
  • Never tell your passwords to other people. Even to your mum. She might tell her hairdresser.
  • Do not use the same password for multiple important accounts; store your passwords in an encrypted text file on your computer or use a password manager tool. Doing it the old-fashion way – passwords written on a piece of paper – is setting yourself up for trouble, unless that piece of paper is locked away in a fire-proof box hidden in an undisclosed location guarded by a dragon and 60 aggressive leprechauns…
  • Check that the websites where you enter your passwords are legitimate and secured with https.
  • Do not use names, dictionary words, birthday dates, social security numbers, postcodes, etc. in your passwords.
  • It is recommended to change your passwords every 10 weeks.